Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8: Object Placement (Time: 1 Hour) - 24 Feb 2011

Learning Objectives
  • To be able to sketch the correct placement of objects in relationship to one another
  • Understand the concept of hidden details
It is important to know how to sketch objects and also where they are placed in the 3D space on paper. You will notice that some details are hidden or block by the objects in front of it. These are called hidden details.

Below are some steps to sketch objects correctly in the 3D space

Step 1: Sketch the crates for the objects in the following order (Sketch the objects furthest away from your view first).
Crate 1

Crate 2

Crate 3

Step 2: Sketch out the shapes of the objects in the designated crates with draft lines

Step 3. Sketch only the parts of the shapes that are not blocked/hidden (Sketch the objects closest to you first).

  1. Sketch 3 rectangular block and place them in a random position but still close to one another
  2. Repeat this exercise 2 times, changing the position each time
  3. Repeat Task 1 with a cube, a cylinder and a pyramid ( You are allowed to decide the size of each object)
  4. Use the 3 designs you have created from the previous SCAMPER exercise and sketch how they were look when placed beside one another

  • Students may want to try more than 3 objects in the exercise to challenge themselves.
  • Always use the crating method to start your sketches

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