Wednesday, March 30, 2011

T2W2 - T2W4: Group Assignment for CBL


As mentioned during lesson, each group is required to meet after school hours and complete the following:
  • A Group Journal following the framework of Challenge Based Learning (CBL)
  • A conceptual idea of the story that delivers the message
Deadline: Term 2 Week 4

Revision of key concepts

Big Idea
A big idea is a broad concept that is important to students and provide an anchor for them to explore and learn in many ways

  • Environment, Creativity, Peace, Energy

Essential Question
An essential question is linked to the big idea and reflect what is important and interesting to the students. It helps to contextualise the big idea.   

  • How does my usage of electricity affects my community?
  • How does war impact me?

Students have to decide and create a task or problem they wish to solve that will produce a meaningful action.

  • Reduce the usage of electricity at home
  • Improve how we communicate and share ideas

Guiding Questions / Guiding Resources / Guiding Activities
These are used to lead students to understand their challenge better. They can be books, internet links, experiments, etc

  • PUB official website on energy consumption
  • Books on commuication
  • Survey, Questionnaires, forums
  • Animation workshop
The solution proposed should be thoughtful and actionable.

More information about the CBL can be found here.

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