Thursday, May 5, 2011

T2W7: Instructions for Group Journal and Animation

  • Please use the journal template shown below to complete your group journal
  • The words in red found in the template are instructions that must be removed when you submit the group journal

Submission Mode
  • Submit your Story board and the animation materials once you have completed the filming
  • You will need to put the Group Journal and the Animation Files into a folder named GrpNo (Example: Grp01)
  • Then upload the whole folder into the  Submit Folder allocated for your class
  • Please ensure that you follow the correct file naming convention 
    • Group Journal: Class_GrpNo_Journal.pages (Example: 104_Grp01_Journal.pages)
    • Animation Files: SST_Class_GrpNo_SCNo) ( Example: SST_109_Grp01_SC01)
  • 18 May 2011, 5pm.
  • Journal template link available here
  • Reference on APA Citation available here
  • Email me if you have queries.

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